[FASTCGI] Problems with FastCGI's FCGX_SetExitStatus()

Frank Haferkorn F.Haferkorn at RST-Automation.de
Tue Jul 16 05:28:06 EDT 2013

Dear fastcgi-developers mailing list members,


I have a problem to return an ExitStatus of my own choice...

I us ethe OpenMarket FastCGI 


I use a hiawtha website 

Hiawatha version: 8.8
Operating System: Windows 7 (cygwin)

I compiled the FastCGI library myself using cygwin.

I have problems to set the Exit Code of a FastCGI Script I am using inside

I don't get any changes of this ErrCode. It seems as not to be available!

What is wrong in this code?

Did I miss any special settings in configuration before compilation?


sock = FCGX_OpenSocket(socketName, 5);
for (FCGX_InitRequest(&request, sock, 0); // Init FCGX Operation
FCGX_Accept_r(&request) >= 0;
      res = handle_request(&request); 
    FCGX_SetExitStatus(510, request.in);


I don't know where  to read the version of ths fastcgi library I used, b


But PERHAPS this might help...

In the manpage the Command FCGI_SetExitStatus has this tag:



     Copyright (c) 1996 Open Market, Inc.

     See the file "LICENSE.TERMS" for information on usage and redistribution

     of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.

     $Id: FCGI_SetExitStatus.3,v 1997/09/16 15:36:25 stanleyg Exp $



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