[FASTCGI] fast cgi with custom written CGI library in C

Administrator YouLooker youlooker.com at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 14:26:16 EDT 2011

Sorry wrote too fast, meant to say do I need any changes/updates to work
with the Fast CGI library and its model of handing request? I think its
socked based right?

 I am a C programmer who has written my own CGI library in C. I read the CGI
spec. and implemented it accordingly. i.e. it reads the environment
variables and parses the information. I want to try FastCGI with some web
apps that use my C library.

 So the question is… do I need to change/update my library to work with Fast
CGI? Or will it just work the same? In more technical terms, will the
required environment variables be reset to the proper values of each

- Doug
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