[FASTCGI] help needed...

Majed Al-Dolaimi majed.aldolaimi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 08:35:54 EST 2011

Hi guys,
I am a bit disappointed in the FastCGI documentation, as many other people
are. However I am not losing hope with it.

1 - I installed the apache mod_fcgid  from SUSE website and it seems to be
2 - I configured, compiled the fcgi-(*-*).tar.gz and added the libs to the
3 - Added the -Ifcgi++ (or -Ifcgi ) library to my Makefile... my compiler is
not complaining
4 - Added the FCGI_Accept() loop to my main routing in my c++ app...

RESULTS: When I run the whole thing ...
5 - my app runs (it shows on the process monitor as a sleeping process) and
does not stop immediately which fine and dandy
6 - I only get a blank page in the browser. Even an error message from my
WWW server does not show up.
I tried flushing the std::cout as well as writing to stdout file descrptier
then flush it... nothing shows up on the browser screen..

 What I could not understand is making sure the linker searches for the BSD
socket library. Since the ldconfig did not complain, I assumed it found it,

Your help will pay back to fastcgi... so please help me out..

Majed Dolaimi
C++/ web developer
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