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Ajai Kolarikal akajai at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 12 12:02:36 EST 2011


I want to know the same with lighhtpd.
When i enable mod_fcgi. I am not able to start lighttpd server
Thanks And Regards,

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Today's Topics:

   1.  how to comunicate with apache mod_fcgi ??
      (i23as67b9-one at yahoo.it)


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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 23:16:15 +0000 (GMT)
From: i23as67b9-one at yahoo.it
Subject: [FASTCGI]  how to comunicate with apache mod_fcgi ??
To: Rob Lemley <rclemley at yahoo.com>
Cc: fastcgi-developers at mailman.fastcgi.com
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thank very much Rob for your reply.
First of all:
I want to learn how to do it because i don't know from where i must start to 
comunicate with apache2 using fastcgi protocol. If there is any documentation 
please tell me it.

Second what i did.
I install WAMP server in local and added mod_fcgi to my server, in phpinfo I 
find that the module it's installed and either the server responce have the word
Apache mod_fcgi. 

I make a simple client with C that send a simple fastcgi_header and 
fastcgi_body, but the server at port 80 don't reply. I am sure i make something 

I know i have a lot of confusion, but i want to learn and understand
Thanks in advance for reply

--- Ven 11/2/11, Rob Lemley <rclemley at yahoo.com> ha scritto:

Da: Rob Lemley <rclemley at yahoo.com>
Oggetto: Re: [FASTCGI] how to comunicate with apache mod_fcgi ??
A: i23as67b9-one at yahoo.it
Data: Venerd́ 11 febbraio 2011, 23:19

  On 02/11/2011 05:29 AM, i23as67b9-one at yahoo.it wrote:
            hi to all.

              how to comunicate with apache mod_fcgi using fastcgi

              I installed an apache mod_fcgi locally, i write simple
              prog to send fastcgi header and body, but the server don't

              I didn't find info to how can i comunicate with a server
              using fastcgi protocol.

              can someone help me?

              thanks in advance



    There are many ways to communicate with Apache 2 using fastcgi


    No one can tell you what you did wrong because no one knows what you
    did.  You should provide more information about HOW you configured
    your system and what you're trying to do.



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