[FASTCGI] performance issue of fastcgi server

CHENG LIANG liangcheng001 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 1 21:54:07 EST 2011

I am developing a fastcgi server on lighttpd on linux. The performance was good and it can handle around 5000 requests/second. Now there is problem: the server needs deal with a new type request which need communicate with third party so it take around one second per request. then, the fastcgi server reports a lot of 500 error because a lot of requests is waiting for resources from lighttpd and lighttpd always try to restart fastcgi handler.
My idea is to fork a new process or create a thread to deal with the request which take longer time when fastcgi find the request need communicate with third party so that other requests still can be processed by main fastcgi process quickly. 
Does this is good idea? anyone has similiar experinces?
I just worry about how to manage the sub process/thread inside fastcgi server.
any help thanks.

Cheng Liang

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