[FASTCGI] Problem getting FCGI process to run in FCGI mode on Apache 2.2

Connolly, Paul Paul.Connolly at colonialfirststate.com.au
Wed Sep 2 18:46:42 EDT 2009



We have been using FCGI for a long time now (10+ years) under Apache
1.3.x on Windows, and would like to upgrade to Apache 2.2.x.  Using
mod_fascgi_2.4.6 with the pre-compiled binary apache module, I am
finding the processes do not start properly in FCGI mode.  Sticking log
messages in the code lead me to the following location in os_win32.c



     * Determine if this library is being used to listen for FastCGI

     * connections.  This is communicated by STDIN containing a

     * valid handle to a listener object.  In this case, both the

     * "stdout" and "stderr" handles will be INVALID (ie. closed) by

     * the starting process.


     * The trick is determining if this is a pipe or a socket...


     * XXX: Add the async accept test to determine socket or handle to a

     *      pipe!!!








As far as I can tell, this test should succeed if the process was
started by the FCGI process manager.  However, the stdout and stderr
tests both fail, therefore the library thinks it is running in plain CGI
mode, runs through once immediately, and terminates.


If I remove the stdout and stderr tests, the process starts and operates
correctly as a FCGI process listening on the port I specified in
httpd.conf, but then it doesn't run correctly in plain CGI mode.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try/do?




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