[FASTCGI] Need to disable buffering

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Sat Jun 20 14:28:55 EDT 2009

Hi Dave,

> Can anyone please advise how I can disable the buffering in fastCGI.
> We have a Linux server running a Debian OS.
> fastCGI is installed as well as php4.
> Previous we were using normal CGI php4.
> The php command 'flush()' that was outputting data during the php 
> process ( normal CGI ) is now not outputting on fastCGI -- it is 
> buffering all the data until the php process is completed, and then 
> outputting to the browser.
> How can we set the fastCGI to flush the output to the browser as it is 
> receiving the flushed data from the php process ?
I think you can do this by using -flush as a parameter, but to be sure 
check the documentation at 

> As I am a novice, could you plese tell me exactly what to add / change 
> and in which file on the Linux server ?
Find the file in your /etc/ directory that contains the "<IfModule 
mod_fastcgi.c>" statement.  Some places to look:

with apache:

with apache2:

Look for the statement FastCgiConfig (add it if it's not there) prepend 

That should do the job, hope it helps
Michiel Brandenbug

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