[FASTCGI] Need to disable buffering

TSA Dave dave at shareadvantage.co.za
Sat Jun 20 02:50:40 EDT 2009


Can anyone please advise how I can disable the buffering in fastCGI.

We have a Linux server running a Debian OS.
fastCGI is installed as well as php4. 
Previous we were using normal CGI php4. 
The php command 'flush()' that was outputting data during the php process ( normal CGI ) is now not outputting on fastCGI -- it is buffering all the data until the php process is completed, and then outputting to the browser. 
How can we set the fastCGI to flush the output to the browser as it is receiving the flushed data from the php process ?

As I am a novice, could you plese tell me exactly what to add / change and in which file on the Linux server ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Dave
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