[FASTCGI] FastCGI: comm with server "... /test.pl" aborted: GetOverlappedResult() failed

Lyle webmaster at cosmicperl.com
Thu Jan 29 07:23:13 EST 2009

dj__manu at hotmail.fr wrote:
>> dj__manu at hotmail.fr wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>  Can't make apache2.2.11+FCGI+windows (vista) work and google didn't 
>>> help Triste émoticône
>>>  Using the simple synopsis code of FCGI (which works fine as a 
>>> standalone script):
>> I've only tested FCGI on Windows/IIS, but have you tried getting 
>> FCGI::IIS to run? I has a test mode which should work on Apache as well.
> Thanks for the answer but :
> I run Vista Home Basic edition where IIS is not really supported by MS 
> :-(
> The goal is just to have a simple dev platform.
> On production it will run on linux and hopefully work!
>> Also it might be worth trying CGI::Fast
> Same error
> So to sum up :
> - mod_fastcgi w apache2.2 not working on windows (everyone complains 
> about same errors like me and I didnt see
> any good solution given by anyone to fix it)
> - IIS + fastcgi not possible on vista basic edition
> Any advice : lighttpd or thttpd ?

  Unfortunately at this point I haven't had change to work through all 
the fcgi setups, and write guides like I've been planning.
 I'm held back on a very large project and having to pay bills :(

  Hopefully I've have chance in the next couple of months, but I can 
understand that's far off for you :(

I'd give lighttpd a go. Let us know if you manage to get a solution. If 
the worst come to the worst you could always dual boot Linux, or try cygwin.


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