[FASTCGI] Manually spawning a Windows fastCGI application

Lyle webmaster at cosmicperl.com
Fri Dec 25 05:50:51 EST 2009

Konstantin Ivanov wrote:
> The fastcgi website contains a C library as an example how to use the 
> protocol. This code file 
> (http://www.fastcgi.com/devkit/libfcgi/os_win32.c) contains example 
> code on how to spawn a process on windows using either Named pipes or 
> TCP for communication with the process. It is a good start, but, not 
> to offend creators of the site and this example library, I think there 
> is a major gap in documentation and while the this library is a good 
> start I believe there are a lot of things that are unnecessary and 
> overcomplicated for beginners to understand. Howard, if you have any 
> questions I would be glad to help to my ability as I've experimented 
> with fastcgi on named pipes and sockets. Hope the code file referenced 
> earlier is somewhat of a help.

You are More than welcome to contribute new guides and documentation. In 
fact, I'd encourage you to do so :)


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