[FASTCGI] FastCGI with Oracle

Tom Bowden charles_thomas at mac.com
Tue Dec 8 11:59:52 EST 2009

But in either case (and this is just for clarification) - do they  
recommend that you not use setenv()?


On Dec 8, 2009, at 10:37 AM, Rob Lemley wrote:

> fcgiapp.h: FCGX_Accept() and FCGX_Accept_r() do not touch the  
> global environment (extern char **environ).
> fcgi_stdio.h: FCGI_Accept() resets the environment.
> fcgiapp.h  the direct API to fastcgi.  Does not touch the global  
> environment.
> fcgi_stdio.h   an even higher level interface that should make it  
> easier to convert existing CGI programs to FastCGI.  As Gordon  
> said, "much like a regular CGI application".  This interface is  
> implemented "on top of" fcgiapp.h.
> Rob
> Gordon Colburn wrote:
>> I recently ran into this issue using static fast CGI servers with  
>> mod_fastcgi. Tom is correct; FCGI_accept resets the environment  
>> each time it is called. Any environment variables that are set  
>> using the -initial-env parameter of the FastCgiServer directive  
>> will be available in the environment when the application is first  
>> started, but once FCGI_accept is called they will no longer be  
>> available. I think the reason this is done is that mod_fastcgi  
>> passes request specific information in the environment much like a  
>> regular CGI application does and to do this it resets the  
>> environment each time FCGI_accept is called.
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>> I understand the security risk explained.
>> Well mine is FastCGI application started through apache ExecCGI  
>> system.
>> I have to lookup how to setup the application as FastCGI internal  
>> application.  Let me try and get back to you all
>> Thanks
>> Arun
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>> Subject: Re: [FASTCGI] FastCGI with Oracle
>> I am trying to remember where I read this in the fastcgi/fastcgx  
>> documentation -- but somewhere they recommend not using setenv  
>> within the accept loop.  Perhaps each iteration of FCGII_Accept/ 
>> FCGIX_Accept it clears and resets?
>> It's a real security risk (IMHO).... an old hacker trick is to  
>> modify the path (for example) to point to your own version of a sh  
>> (sushi, etc).
>> I've only used mod_fcgid -- with AddHandler -- and its (still)  
>> confusing me.
>> Tom
>> On Dec 7, 2009, at 11:47 AM, Rob Lemley wrote:
>> Darren Garvey wrote:
>> 2009/12/4 A. M. ArunKumar <arun at eagle-india.com>
>> The solution which you gave has helped me.  But its not after  
>> accept its before that. we need to set it back in the C++  
>> program.  I used the setenv function in c++ and now its connecting  
>> to oracle.
>> Is this how it is supposed to happen? I don't see why the FastCGI  
>> library should clear environment variables for the whole  
>> application...
>> We really can't tell what is happening because we need to know  
>> more about how A.M. ArunKumar is starting the fastcgi server  
>> app.   I think he's using the apache mod_fastcgi but we don't know  
>> if it's external FastCGI, internal FastCGI, or FastCGI started  
>> through the apache ExecCGI system.
>> I know from experience that the mod_fastcgi FastCgiServer  
>> directive (ie "internal" fastcgi server) with the "-initial-env  
>> name=[value]" option passes the values into the specified  
>> application which is started by the mod_fastcgi process manager.
>> So from that, I assume that ArunKumar is NOT running an "internal"  
>> fastcgi server via the FastCgiServer directive.
>> ArunKumar, can you give us more details about how you're  
>> initializing/executing/starting your FastCGI server C++ app?
>> If you're running it as a "FastCgiExternalServer" and starting via  
>> some other means (such as init scripts, daemontools, or the  
>> windows service manager), then it's true, the environment  
>> variables will not be passed through the FastCGI connection to the  
>> external fastcgi server app.  The only thing I know of like this  
>> is the FastCgiExternalServer "-pass-header" option, which I'm  
>> thinking would pass the headers only upon receipt of a request  
>> from the client.
>> I haven't worked with the apache "SetHandler" and "AddHandler"  
>> directives to know how environment variables work with those.
>> Rob
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