[FASTCGI] difference between apache's mod_fcgi, mod_cgid, and mod_fcgid?

James Robinson jlrobins at socialserve.com
Mon Dec 7 13:59:54 EST 2009

On Dec 7, 2009, at 1:30 PM, Tom Bowden wrote:

> Is the difference between these modules just a matter of version?  I  
> am using Apache 2.2+ server -- and it uses mod_fcgid... from what i  
> can tell the big difference is that the configuration keywords are  
> difference ( FcgidAuthenticator, FcgidAuthorizer,  
> FcgidAccessChecker, FcgidWrapper, etc.).
> tom

If this is the adoption of the fcigd I'm thinking of, then, internal  
differences will be:

	* no remote-server fastcgi support.

	* 1 to 1 relationship between fascgi process and local domain socket  
for apache -> fastcgi communication, implying that mod_fcgid knows  
which exact factcgi process took too long [ 'FcgidBusyTimeout' at http://httpd.apache.org/mod_fcgid/mod/mod_fcgid.html 
  ], so that it can then kill off that exact (runaway) process.  
mod_fastcgi uses a 'one socket, many listening fastcgis all blocking  
on accept()' model, so that it can't know which exact backend process  
was used to field a runaway request.

James Robinson

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