[FASTCGI] fcgio: int instead of int_type

Till Schuberth till at tuxen.de
Fri Aug 21 14:08:16 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I think I've found a bug.
I'm using FastCGI on an embedded platform and therefore don't have  
enough space for the GNU libstdc++. Hence I tried to link FastCGI  
against uClibc++, but it didn't compile, because in the files  
fcgi-2.4.0/libfcgi/fcgio.[cpp|h] some functions are overridden using  
int as return type. The GNU libstdc++ and uClibc++ are using here  
int_type instead, which is in the case of uClibc++ defined as short int.
I have attached a patch which solves the problem.


Till Schuberth

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