[FASTCGI] Protocol: Scope of requestID

Bo Lindbergh blgl at hagernas.com
Wed Aug 12 02:27:58 EDT 2009

2009-08-12 kl. 05.39 skrev Mike C:
> I have a question about how a FastCGI record's requestID is  
> assigned to guarantee uniqueness over multiple TCP connections to  
> the same responder.
> In short, is the requestID chosen by the webserver server then  
> issued to the FastCGI process unique to the TCP connection or is it  
> unique to the FastCGI process?
> As an example, if there is a FastCGI responder running on  
> and there are two TCP connections currently open,  
> is it possible that in each connection there could be two identical  
> requestIDs being used for different http requests?
> My intuition would be that no web server should issue two identical  
> requestIDs at the same time regardless of TCP connection or FastCGI  
> process, but I can't find this documented explicitly.

The specification says "the application keeps track of the current state
of each request ID on a given transport connection", which I interpret
as request ids being per connection.

/Bo Lindbergh

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