[FASTCGI] Protocol: Scope of requestID

Mike C mike770780 at live.com
Tue Aug 11 23:39:10 EDT 2009

I have a question about how a FastCGI record's requestID is assigned to guarantee uniqueness over multiple TCP connections to the same responder.

In short, is the requestID chosen by the webserver server then issued to the FastCGI process unique to the TCP connection or is it unique to the FastCGI process?

As an example, if there is a FastCGI responder running on and there are two TCP connections currently open, is it possible that in each connection there could be two identical requestIDs being used for different http requests?

My intuition would be that no web server should issue two identical requestIDs at the same time regardless of TCP connection or FastCGI process, but I can't find this documented explicitly.


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