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Wed Apr 15 08:30:47 EDT 2009


i have debian lenny 64bit lenny server with intel quadcore cpu and 4gb ram (fastcgi 2.4.6). i have about 1.4 tb traffic month on this server. my problem is the speed of fastcgi applikation. when i want the visit one website on my server somethimes i must wait about 5 seconds the view the site. after them the speed is better. you can try the visit these sites and you will see somethimes you must wait some seconds the view the site:
http://www.ally-tera.de or http://www.board2null.de . when i restart the webserver everything ist going very fast for 30 minutes. after them the speed ist very bad again. please help me to solve the problem. is my configuration bad? i have many visitors per day: about 5000.... 

<IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
        FastCgiWrapper On
        FastCgiIpcDir /var/lib/apache2/fastcgi2

        FastCgiConfig -minProcesses 60 \
                  -maxProcesses 900 \
                  -idle-timeout 80 \
                  -singleThreshold 100 \
                  -maxClassProcesses 10 \
                  -multiThreshold 100 \
                  -killInterval 20 \
                  -startDelay 5
                  # -autoUpdate \
                  # -pass-header HTTP_AUTHORIZATION

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