[FASTCGI] A C++ FastCGI Library

Eddie eddie at mailforce.net
Sat Sep 6 18:50:06 EDT 2008

Hey guys, I have been working on a pure C++ FastCGI library for some
time now and have LGPLed it. I've got it up at http://fastcgipp.com for
now. Lot's of good documentation and tutorials. I would definitely
appreciate any ideas or comments you guys could offer.

There are a few issues I am running into that I'm hoping someone could
give me some insight into. For one, check out the upload example in the
SVN trunk. For two, are there any plans to implement the ability to
multiples requests over a single connection in mod_fastcgi? It just
seems like there would be so much less overhead doing it that way as
opposed to dealing with opening/closing numerous connections for every
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