[FASTCGI] apache 2.2+fastcgi+cgicc

Jay Sprenkle jsprenkle at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 19:00:56 EDT 2008

Good evening,

After much hair pulling I've found my particular bug with fastcgi on
Windows Apache and lighttpd. I thought I would share with the

Any fastcgi binary application compiled with Microsoft (msvc 8, etc)
compilers and running against a mod_fastcgi compiled under cygwin with
a version of 1.5.24 or earlier will fail. The cygwin libraries do not
emulate dup2() in such a way that the duplicated handle is reliably
inheritable by a child process. This causes the fastcgi application to
fail if it uses a tcp/ip connection for interprocess communication.

There's a discussion of the problem here:

Jay Sprenkle

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